Baby Benjamin

This year's Independence Day celebration was super special. I not only got to hang out with the family but I got to spend the holiday with a baby. A baby I have been watching grow up in pictures my cousin has been sending me since (pretty much) the day he was born. It was also an opportunity to take pictures of a small child, which I anticipated to be tricky, but this little guy is a ham for the camera. He is the happiest baby I've ever met, super comfortable with people, and also a giant flirt. Be prepared to fall in love.

Hi there! My name is Ben.

Hanging with mom and dad.

How can you NOT love that face? Oh my goodness, just so freaking adorable. While I was able to capture a few portrait shots, I also got to document his very first time at the beach. Spoiler alert: Sand is apparently delicious. 


My cousin and her husband were laughing because they thought everyone on the beach must have been thinking they were famous because there was a girl following them around with a camera like the Paparazzi. Hey, it's practice for me and free pictures of your adorable kiddo for you! (I love you Mike and Mal!)

The beautiful family. <3