D. Foster Photography
D. Foster Photography
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DAni Foster

A California native born, raised, and based in the beautiful city of Monterey. 

As the daughter of a landscape architect and a writer, I grew up surrounded by artistically minded people with an eye for design and a penchant for storytelling. Photography has afforded me a place in this proud tradition, which I do my best to uphold.

I fell in love with photography during a trip to Scotland while visiting a family friend on the picturesque Isle of Islay, where I ended up commandeering my mother's camera to try and capture the essence of the island to share with friends back home. My mother ended up gifting me that same camera for my birthday and I have been pursuing the craft ever since. 

As an utterly hopeless romanic (my favorite movie of all time being Pride & Prejudice, the Kiera Knightly version), weddings fell perfectly into place with how I wanted to continue pursuing my passion of photography. Seeing couples and families brought together in love and to celebrate unity makes my ridiculously sappy heart happy. 

I look forward to working with you to capture the special moments in your life that will last generations.