Hey Girl Hey!

It's great to have a friend who is striking it out in the creative world around the same time you are. You can both be honest and not have to worry too much about not knowing all the answers. It helps ease the tension of being uncomfortable, because you can be uncomfortable together and laugh at it. 

Taking pictures of this crazy gal was just that, lots of laughs and good vibes all around. You may recognize her from the 2 Ladies x Daniel Wellington shoot, but since then she has struck out on her own. This is Tamara of Designs by Tamara Lee also known as @tlee79 on Instagram.

She's a crazy, fun loving, hippie mama of 3 whose enthusiasm is only matched by her love of laughter. While she has been on the edges interior design world for awhile, she recently dove right in into the scene, getting picked up by HomeGoods as an official Pinterest influencer, opening her Etsy Shop, and finally launching her website. 

While I have shot for her in the past, it was only for the interior of her home (which is seriously amazing). It was beyond thrilling when she called and needed more personal images. The world needs to see how great she is!