Fall Family Session

First of all, what an incredibly beautiful bunch, right? Mama’s mermaid hair is to DIE for. This session was an effort to achieve as fate seemed set against it.

It was originally foiled by extreme photographer illness the day the session was first scheduled and then nearly thwarted again due to the fact the location chosen for the reschedule was closed for an event the day of the shoot (I actually got kicked out of the area when attempting to find a spot that would not interfere with the goings on.)

In the end, we found a place just outside of the chosen location. It was a gorgeously clear day and the light was perfection.

To say this was a blast is an understatement. Besides being incredibly sweet and understanding, these clients have a kiddo with one heck of a personality. He was a great sport, but as it became clear this was going to last longer than he liked, the attitude came out. This session was study in the spectrum of toddler moods and how quickly they change.

Also, little man LOVES sticks. Once he discovered they were easily within reach, he pretty much gave up on wanting to smile for or pay attention to the camera. Mom and Dad were chuckling the entire time, saying “Of course there’s going to be sticks in these photos.”

A favorite for me is in a series of 3 photos. After Mom and Dad got little man to be silly, he wrapped himself in Mom’s dress to peer back at Dad crouching in the distance. Apparently, before the session, he was ducking under her dress and popping out to say “Peek-a-boo!” It was one of those moments that as soon as the shutter clicks, you know you’ve captured a moment that may not end up on the Christmas card, but will be cherished fondly for years to come.